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PapagoDesign Art

A Cat and Mouse Saga By Eaves Dropped

Collated and illustrated by Sabine Spiesser

Wouldn’t you love to know what animals observe and hear when you least expect it, or whether they gossip about humans and pass on secret information? Wouldn’t you love to secretly read another’s  travel correspondence  to get a glimpse into their soul? Well, you can as the postcards have been collated into a colourful album  just for the reader. The Artful Correspondence collection depicts the world from a  cat and adventurous mouse friend’s perspective. It is a sometimes philosophical, humorous and light hearted tale of two unlikely animal friends eavesdropping on humans when they least expect it. Friendship, companionship, love and loyalty as well as compassion, empathy, adaptability and resilience are all part of this postcard exchange. All over the world animals are loved and cherished by humans who invite them into their homes as pets and shower them with affection. Then there are also people who have an absurd  fear of little creatures they do not understand, just as they fear anything unknown, new, or strange, mostly out of ignorance or hand-me-down prejudices. Not all little dogs bite, not all spiders are venomous and not all mice carry diseases. But whom am I telling this, if you have reached this website we’re probably of like mind.


I have a creative soul  which needs to be active all the time, collecting objects, collating material, researching and composing images .

I am particularly keen on using materials found in my garden along with travel mementoes and photographs collected over the years. Nature provides me with shapes, texture and colour which can transform photographs, maps and other man-made images into more soulful composite images. Each of the collages in this book is the culmination of the compilation of fragments from a collection of photographs, scanned objects, and drawings into multilayered digital images.

The tale of the two unlikely friends, Kate and Frederic, connects diverse artworks to this postcard collection. Over 40 whimsical collage postcards depict cats and mice in artful surroundings  from  my garden as well as far away exotic places. Paradise Island, the setting of this picturesque novel, is a truly exotic and multicultural  imaginary island where the spirit of support and cooperation is still held in high esteem, at least among the animals.


I hope you enjoy your copy of the

Artful Correspondence.

The Artful Correspondence of Frederic and Kate

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